Night Vision Scopes and Sights are infrared light enhancement devices designed for mounting on weapons and equipped with one or more reticle pattern. NV scopes are sometimes called Starlight Scopes. Night Vision Scopes just like most other night vision optics can be equipped with different types of night vision tubes ranging from Gen 1 to Gen 3 FLAG (also known as Gen 4). Gen 1 night vision riflescopes listed here typically offer shooting range from 70-150 yards depending on the model and ambient light conditions. Night vision manufacturers are always working on improving their devices. As a result in recent years digital night vision riflescopes have become very popular. These devices, unlike the analog Gen 1 scopes, can be used both during the day and at night. We offer multiple lines of digital night vision rifle scopes such as Sightmark Photon, Armasight Drone, ATN X-Sight and Pulsar Digisight. Another recent technological development is the Ceramic Core technology. This technology brings very high resolution to Gen 1 tubes. This results in superb image quality at a very low price. Armasight Vampire 3x is an example of the CORE tech. Key advantage of Gen 1 night vision riflescopes is their cost. So if you are in the market for a starter scope for close range hunting, this is right category. For reliable shots over 150 yards, you will have to step up to Gen 2 night vision scopes.

  • Firefield NVRS Tactical 2.5x50 with Internal Focusing

    Price $599.97

  • Pulsar Digisight N550A Digital NV Riflescope

    Price $1,299.00

  • NiteSite Viper RTEK Short Range Night Vision Clipon - Black

    Price $999.99

  • NiteSite Viper Short Range Night Vision Clipon - Black

    Price $599.99

  • Armasight Vampire 3X CORE Night Vision Rifle Scope - Open box

    Sale $698.99

  • NVG Package - Armasight Vampire 3X CORE NV Rifle Scope with Spark Monoc

    Sale $1,199.99

  • Firefield 3x42 Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope

    Price $399.97

  • Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope

    Price $499.97

  • Sightmark Photon XT 6.5x50L Digital Night Vision Riflescope

    Price $699.97

  • Armasight WWZ 4x GEN 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope with IR Illuminator

    Sale $398.99

  • Armasight Vampire 3X CORE IIT Night Vision Rifle Scope

    Sale $794.99

  • Pulsar Digital Night Vision Riflescope Digisight N750A

    Price $1,499.97

  • Bering Optical Avenger Gen I Night Vision Sight

    Price $699.00

  • Armasight ORION 5x Night Vision Rifle Scope Gen 1

    Sale $498.99

  • Sightmark Night Raider 2.5x50 NV Riflescope

    Price $649.97

  • Firefield NVRS Titanium 2.5x50 Varmint Hunter Night Vision Scope

    Price $499.97

  • Firefield NVRS Titanium 1.5x42 Mini Varmint Hunter Night Vision Scope

    Price $399.97

  • Sightmark Night Raider 3x60L IR NV Riflescope

    Price $749.97

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