Yukon Firefield Nightfall Digital Night Vision 3.5x42 Monocular

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Multi-coated OpticsMagnification - 3.5xObjective Lens Diameter - 42mmLCD Screen Imaging
Efficient PULSE IR System
Rugged Rubber Armored Construction
Water Resistance
Fog Resistance

Yukon Firefield Nightfall Digital Night Vision 3.5x42 Monocular Description

The Yukon Advanced Optics FF18062 Night Vision 3.5x42 Monocular featuring multi-coated optics, LCD screen imaging and an efficient PULSE IR system, allows you to zero in on your intended target even in dark nights. Featuring a 3.5x magnification and 42mm objective lens diameter, the digital monocular offers you a close-up view of your target. The digital night vision monocular features a rugged rubber armored construction, and is also water- and fog-resistant, thus ensuring a smooth operation in a variety of conditions.Allows you to zero in on the intended target at nightMulti-coated opticsLCD screen imagingEfficient PULSE IR systemMagnification - 3.5xObjective lens diameter - 42mmRugged rubber armored constructionWater & fog resistance help ensure smooth operation in a variety of weather conditionsDigital Night VisionThe same technology used in digital cameras, using CCD chips and CMOS chips to collect light, is also finding its way into night vision equipment and, like any other digital product (digital night vision) category, advances are being made rapidly. The first of these "digital viewers" to appear were on a par with a typical Gen 1 unit, but newer versions of digital night vision monoculars are now approaching performance that of a Gen 2 unit.The advantages of going digital are significant. A digital monocular with Gen 2 like performance will be less than half the price of a standard Gen 2 night vision monocular. Digital night vision units are also easier to use with cameras, since you can attach any camera or camcorder equipped with a video input to the digital night vision unit with a simple RCA video cord. This circumvents the need to find an adapter, which is a problem with most conventional NV units. Lastly, digital units are not damaged by exposure to bright light, as are most conventional night vision products.

Technical Specifications

Resolution, lines/mm34
Angular Field of Veiw , degrees5
Min/max working illuminance, lux0.08/30000(f1.2, S/N20dB)
Max. detection distance (with IR on), m/yds100/110
Diopter adjustment+-5
Operating Voltage, V3 (1xCR123)
Operation time with one battery (IR on/off)9/5/2011
Illuminator working range, m100
IR wavelength, nm810
Tripod mount, inch1/4/2011
Operating tempature+14 ~ +113 F
Dimensions (LXWXH), mm inches160x55x85
Weight (with Battery), kg/oz0.38/13.4

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