Seek XR Thermal Camera for Android Mobile

Not Exportable outside of the USA

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Features of Seek Thermal Thermal XR Focus Camera For Android:

Seek XR thermal camera for Android

  • Adjustable Focus

  • Works on most Android devices running 4.3 or higher that support USB on the go

  • True Thermal Sensor

  • 206 x 156 Array

  • 12μ Pixel Pitch

  • Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer

  • Chalcogenide Lens

  • 20° Field of View

  • Magnesium Housing

  • Long Wave Infrared 7.2 - 13 Microns

  • -40°C to 330°C Detection

  • < 9Hz

Seek XR Thermal Camera for Android Mobile Description

Seek XR Thermal Camera for Android

With its wide field of view, the Seek Thermal camera is perfect for use indoors and around the house.

This camera allows:

  • Contractors to see water damage, air leaks, missing insulation, and other energy inefficiencies
  • Home owners and DIYers to conduct a home energy audit to help save on their energy bill
  • Plumbers to detect water leaks and clogs
  • Electricians to identify electrical shorts, loose wiring, and other safety hazards
  • Pet owners to locate lost pets at night or in obscured visibility conditions
This true thermal imaging camera detects infrared light that all objects emit, and uses the data from over 32,000 thermal pixels to create a visible image on your Android phone. In broad daylight or complete darkness, you can now be aware of your surroundings. The possibilities are endless.

From Night Vision Guys about Seek Thermal Thermal XR Focus Camera For Android

This little thermal device is a great product for those who want to have thermal capability within in the reach of their pocket without spending thousands of dollars.  Seek Thermal picked a great form factor for their thermal mobile cameras.  Unlike other devices in the market, like Opgal Therm-App for example, Seek thermal cameras do not depend on size and shape of the mobile device.  Though Seek cameras do not offer as much resolution and power as Therm-App, it is good enough for most close range uses.  The price range of Seek thermal attachments is naturally the primary attraction.

We also carry other modifications of the Seek thermal camera.

From the marketplace about Seek Thermal Thermal XR Focus Camera For Android

Boaters, hunters, and engineers find a more informative view of their surroundings when they use the Seek Thermal Thermal XR Focus Camera For Android. Attaching to your Android to instantly provide a 32,000 pixel thermal image, these Thermal Imaging developed by Seek Thermal feature a 206 x 156 array that achieves the clearest and most accurate picture at this price point. The magnesium housing on the Seek Thermal Thermal XR Focus Sensor Camera For Android offers a rugged, strong construction with an extensive -40C to 330C detecting range, capable of scanning a dark parking lot, inspecting a circuit board, or scouting terrain with the touch of a button. The Seek Thermal Thermal XR Focus Heat-Detecting Camera For Android offers an adjustable focus that informs that provides the same clarity as the original Seek camera for double the distance, giving you the most detailed view of your surroundings when you need it most.

Seek Thermal 262758: Thermal Focus XR Camera For Android

Thermal Imaging

Please note that most thermal devices are built per order.  It may take 3-5 days or more for your order to ship.  If timely shipping is important to you, please, contact us to verify availability prior to ordering. 

Thermal devices can produce various types of images.  Some are color others are monochrome.  In either case change in shade or color indicates temperature differences.

color thermal image thermal bw image



Here is how thermal imaging devices work...

A special lens focuses the infrared light emitted by all of the objects in view.

The focused light is scanned by a phased array of infrared-detector elements. The detector elements create a very detailed temperature pattern called a thermogram. It only takes about one-thirtieth of a second for the detector array to obtain the temperature information to make the thermogram. This information is obtained from several thousand points in the field of view of the detector array.

The thermogram created by the detector elements is translated into electric impulses.

The impulses are sent to a signal-processing unit, a circuit board with a dedicated chip that translates the information from the elements into data for the display.

The signal-processing unit sends the information to the display, where it appears as various colors depending on the intensity of the infrared emission. The combination of all the impulses from all of the elements creates the image.

There are a few key Manufacturers when it comes to thermal imaging.  

ATN: produce such well knows devies as ThOR-HD thermal scope, BINOX-THD thermal binoculars, and OTS-HD thermal monocular.  

FLIR/Armasight: the largest maker of consumer level thermal products is well knows for their full product line.  Zeus thermal scopes, Q14 and Scout monoculars, Helios and Scout binoculars and many more.

Pulsar: a very popular brand for digital night vision and thermal imaging.  Key products include Pulsar Trail and Apex thermal scopes and Pulsar Helion and Quantum thermal monoculars.

Seek: mobile device mounted thermal cameras are the main products of this brand.

Delivery Time and Manufacturing Process for Seek XR Thermal Camera for Android Mobile:

Most of our manufacturers do not keep products like Seek XR Thermal Camera for Android Mobile assembled on the shelf. Night Vision tubes are kept separate from the body of the unit. When the order is placed, the manufacturer starts the order processing and assembly process which includes the following:

  • Order processing - we collect all the necessary information including address and phone numbers. We also make sure that our customer ordered the correct product for their needs and that the product can be exported by US law to the country of destination. In some cases a signed export compliance form is required.
  • QC - in this step the manufacturer will inspect all individual parts which will be used to assemble the night vision device for any defects.
  • Production & Assembly - during production, all the parts are put together. Night Vision tubes in inserted into the body of the unit and all the complex electronics for the device are connected. This process takes place in a special lab called the "clean room" as even a small speckle of dust can cause undesired optical effect.
  • QA - one the night vision device is assembled, it goes through a rigorous testing process to make sure it meets all the expected specifications and all parts function as expected. For this most manufacturers have a special "dark room" designed to allow testing of the units without causing incidental damage to the night vision tube by exposure to bright light.
  • Packaging - this is a key process as well. In most case your night vision device will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer but sometimes needs to be sent to us first. In either case items need to be packaged securely to avoid any kind of damage during transportation.
  • Shipping - as described above items will most of the time ship from the manufacturer. For most domestic orders (unless shipping to POB or AFB) a premium shipper like FedEx or UPS will be used.

Only by following the above steps can we along with our manufacturers bring you - our customer - night vision products of highest quality, However as you can understand the above process can take several days to complete. For example if your device fails QA, the entire process restarts. Also at QC stage a manufacturer may realize that the tube they have in stock has a defect and a replacement tube needs to be ordered. Due to the complexity of this process, it is prudent to expect 3-4 business days for production and handling of the purchased device. Keep in mind that this process is designed to guarantee your satisfaction with the night vision device of your choice.  It occasionally possible to expedite the process for urgent orders but addional fees or other restrictions may apply.

Technical Specifications

Seek Thermal XR for Android Specs

  • 20º Field of View
  • Adjustable Focus
  • Resolution: 206 x 156 Array
  • -40C to 330C Detection
  • < 9Hz
  • Long Wave Infrared 7.2 – 13 Microns
  • 12 µ Pixel Pitch
  • Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer
  • Chalcogenide Lens
  • Magnesium Housing
  • Protective Waterproof Case

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  • From Dale meadows at 10/24/15 2:41 PM

    • Q: Will this xr theral camera work on my lexus tablet. Lexus 7

    • A: Hi Dale. I am presuming you are asking about Nexus 7 tablet. Based on the manufacturer's webpage, Nexus 7 is not supported for Seek XR Android cameras. Here is the link to the supported devices page:

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