Thermal rifle scopes and weapon sights are by far the coolest optical devices you can install on a weapon.  Not only do they offer the flexibility of daytime and night time use, but they also deliver in weather conditions when other optical devices simply fail.  Fog is one such example.  Like all other thermal imaging devices, thermal riflescopes read off thermal signatures of all objects and present the user with an image showing a gradient map of the heat signatures.  Most modern thermal riflescopes feature several color palates as well as the all time standard black and white.  Both ATN ThOR and Armasight Zeus lines have the color mode.  Another fantastic feature of thermal riflescopes is their ability to output video signal.  by means of a special portable digital recorder you can now easily record your hunts to show friends and family.
When picking a thermal rifle scope, it is important to understand what you should be looking for.  Key components of high importance are objective lens diameter, resolution and refresh rate of the thermal core, magnification capabilities, reticle patterns and battery life.  Most popular scopes are typically 3x 42mm lens thermal scopes with 60hz FLIR core.  Such a device will handle really well for hunting in the range of 200-250 yards. 
Another important point to note is the difference between night vision riflescopes and thermal riflesopes.  Night vision optics in general present you with the real picture of what is in front of you by simply making those items more visible than they are to a naked eye.  Thermal devices work differently.  Due to the fact that thermal scopes read and reproduce on display thermal signature of an object, you cannot expect to see all details of the object you are looking at.  You will only see an outline of items which have contrasting temperatures.  This makes thermal less practical when dealing with target shooting and when identifying specific features of an animal very important.
Probably the most common use for thermal riflescope is for hunting pigs.  At Night Vision Guys we try to stock as many popular thermal rifle scope models as possible to avoid long assembly wait and to bring the scopes to you as quickly as we can

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  • ThermoSight T60 640x480 Thermal Weapon Sight

    Price $19,600.00

  • N-Vision Optics Thermal Imaging Camera MTS12 and MTS25

    Price $7,683.00

  • Armasight Predator 336 2-8x25 30HZ Thermal Riflescope

    Sale $2,739.10

  • Pulsar Apex 2-4x42 XD50 Thermal Riflescope

    Price $4,499.97

  • Pulsar Apex XD50A 2-8x42 Thermal Riflescope

    Price $3,499.97

  • Pulsar Apex XD75 3-6x52 Thermal Rifle Scope

    Price $5,999.97

  • ATN THOR-HD 384 1.25-5x19 Thermal Rifle Scope

    Price $1,999.00

  • ATN THOR-HD 384 2-8x25 Thermal Rifle Scope

    Price $2,699.00

  • ATN THOR-HD 384 4.5-18x50 Thermal Rifle Scope

    Price $3,499.00

  • ATN THOR-HD 384 9-36x100 Thermal Rifle Scope

    Price $4,499.00

  • NVG Package - Armasight Zeus 336 3-12x42 with Battery Pack

    Sale $3,915.10

  • EOTech Light Weapon Thermal Weapon Sight LWTS 640x480

    Price $13,699.00

  • Armasight Zeus Pro 640 2-16x50 30HZ Thermal Rifle Scope

    Sale $7,835.10

  • Armasight Zeus Pro 640 2-16x50 60 Hz Thermal Weapon Sight

    Sale $8,815.10

  • Armasight Zeus-Pro 640 4-32x100 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope 30hz

    Sale $8,814.90

  • Armasight Zeus Pro 640 4-32x100 60HZ Thermal Imaging Rifle Scope

    Sale $9,795.35

  • Armasight Predator 336 2-8x25 60HZ Thermal Riflescope

    Sale $2,935.10

  • IR Hunter Mark II 640 60hz 19mm Thermal Riflescope 1.5X-12X

    Price $5,495.00

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