Pulsar EPS5 Rechargable Battery Pack

Pulsar EPS5 Rechargable Battery Pack PL79112

Model no: PL79112

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List Price $179.99


Rechargeable battery pack Designed to power digital devices

Increases operational time of external equipment

20 hour discharge time

Pulsar EPS5 Rechargable Battery Pack Description

Rechargeable Li-Pol Battery Packs EPS5 is designed to power Pulsar digital devices, thermal imagers, night vision riflescopes. Battery Packs can be used with such devices as Digisight N550, Ranger 5x42, Recon series and other equipment outfitted with an external power supply and Weaver rail or ¼" socket. The EPS5 features a high capacity battery which significantly-up to 20 hours-increases self-contained operation of external equipment. A 100cm long cable allows the battery packs to be stored in any suitable place, in a pocket, for example. This unit also comes in a carrying case that can strap onto a gun or attach to a belt. Thanks to the supplied car lighter adapter, battery packs can be charged on the go. Battery packs are also suitable to power various external devices like GPS navigation, FM modulator, mini TV set and cell phones.

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Questions on Pulsar EPS5 Rechargable Battery Pack

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  • From Brandon Flanagan at 3/3/17 12:11 AM

    • Q: Do you guys have the eps5 in stock

    • A: Hi Brandon.

      We do not at the moment. Sorry.

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  • From Shawn Lincoln at 2/21/18 9:44 AM

    • Q: Will the Pulsar EPS5 work on the Pular Apex XQ50

    • A: Hi Shawn.

      Sorry for the delay. Yes EPS5 can be used with the Pulsar Apex XQ50 thermal scope.

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  • From Ken at 11/16/18 10:56 AM

    • Q: Will this battery pack work with the Pulsar Trail XQ30, if not do you have an additional battery pack that will work.
      Thank you,

    • A: Hello Ken, for the Pulsar Trail models, you will need the following:

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