Firefield Tracker 2x24 Night Vision Binocular

Firefield Tracker 2x24 Night Vision Binocular FF25023

Model no: FF25023

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Firefield Tracker 2x24 Night Vision Binocular FF25023

  • Compact

  • Lightweight

  • Eclipse protective lens covers

  • Dual eye diopter adjustments

  • Central focusing

  • Built-in powerful Pulse IR system infrared illuminator

  • Multi-coated optics

  • Rubber Armor protection

  • Weather resistant

Firefield Tracker 2x24 Night Vision Binocular Description

The Firefield Tracker 2x 24 mm Night Vision Binocular allows for incredibly detailed observation ability under the darkness of night. The Viking provides clear viewing in total darkness by utilizing a built-in IR infrared illuminator; when in use the illuminator emits a pulsing frequency that is so energy efficient it creates less battery drainage and prolongs battery life. The ergonomically designed rubberized body is surprisingly lightweight and can be taken on long expeditions both easily and comfortably. The Firefield Tracker 2x24 Viking night vision binocular utilizes the revolutionary Eclipse Lens Cover System, which uses flip-up covers that can be easily clipped back against the body of the binoculars and rotated out of the user's viewing area while eliminating lens cap hassles. Pin holes in the lens caps allow the Viking to be used in the daytime when the caps are closed. Also featured is a dual diopter adjustment with central focusing knob, fully multi-coated optics and water and fog resistance.

Gen 1 Night Vision

1st generation is currently the most popular type of night vision in the world. Utilizing the basic principles described in detail in our guide, a 1st generation unit will amplify the existing light several thousand times letting you clearly see in the dark. These units provide a bright and sharp image at a low cost, which is perfect, whether you are boating, observing wildlife, or providing security for your home. You may notice the following when you are looking through a 1st Gen. unit. A slight high-pitched whine when the unit is on. The image you see may be slightly blurry around the edges. This is known as Geometric Distortion. When you turn a 1st Gen. unit off it may glow green for some time. These are inherent characteristics of a 1st Gen. unit and are normal.

Technical Specifications

Firefield Tracker 2x24 Night Vision Binocular

Image intensifier tube classification Gen 1
Magnification 2x
Lens diameter 24mm
Field of view, degree 30deg.
Resolution (typical), lp/mm 32-36
Focus range, yard 1 to inf.
Eye relief 12mm
Diopter adjustment ± 5dptr
Detection distance (approx.) Up to 200 yard
IR illuminator effective distance Up to 150 yard
Power supply 3V (CR 123A)
Estimated battery life (without IR) Up to 20 hour
Operating temperature -22deg.F to +104deg. F
Dimensions 6.9" x 4.8" x 2.8"/17.52 x 12.19 x 7.11cm
Weight 21.2oz/601g

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  • From pablo at 2/8/18 10:22 PM

    • Q: Quisiera saber si con una linterna con led emisor IR 940 NM puedo incrementar la vision del equipo.

      Saludos Cordiales

    • A: ¡Hola!

      Por supuesto. Lo hará más brillante.

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