Armasight WWZ 4x GEN 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope with IR Illuminator

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Armasight WWZ 4x GEN 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope with IR Illuminator NWWWWZ000411I11

Model no: NWWWWZ000411I11

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  • 4x magnification

  • Shock-protected optics

  • Illuminated red cross reticle

  • Simple, easy to operate controls and adjustments

  • Water-resistant design

  • Ability to mount to standard weaver rails

  • Variable reticle brightness

  • Detachable, long-range infrared illuminator

  • Limited Two-Year Warranty

Armasight WWZ 4x GEN 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope with IR Illuminator Description

From Armasight about WWZ 4X Night Vision Riflescope:

The Armasight WWZ Night Vision Rifle Scope is a high-performance, mid-range night vision weapon sight that provide excellent observational, target acquisition, and aiming capabilities for the most demanding sports shooters, hunters, and security personnel. Armasight WWZ Scope is arguably the most dependable, highest-performing weapon sight you can find in the Gen. 1+ category. We have housed our top class optics and image intensifier tube within ruggedly designed aluminum body. For improved accuracy and ergonomics, all WWZ Scopes feature precision top wheel focus. The Armasight WWZ Scope is the best solution for any sniper or hunter seeking to improve the accuracy of their shooting in dark environments.

From Night Vision Guys about WWZ 4X Night Vision Rifle Scope:

Brand new for 2014 Armasight WWZ Night Vision Rifle Scope is an interesting attempt on part of Armasight to make night vision cool (as if it was not cool already).  With 4x magnification, free IR810 and rugged design, the Armasight WWZ Night Vision Rifle Scope is a great scope to mount on your AR15.  It is ideal for close to mid range hunting and perfect for airsoft due to its mil spec look and low price point.  Overall Armasight WWZ makes for a great starter hunting night vision riflescope and a great value for the money.


Included accessories for Armasight WWZ Riflescope are:


  • Instruction Manual with Warranty Card
  • IR810 Detachable Long Range Infrared Illuminator
  • Lens Cap
  • Lens Tissue
  • One Lithium Battery CR123A
  • Packing Box
  • Soft carrying Case

Gen 1 Night Vision

1st generation is currently the most popular type of night vision in the world. Utilizing the basic principles described in detail in our guide, a 1st generation unit will amplify the existing light several thousand times letting you clearly see in the dark. These units provide a bright and sharp image at a low cost, which is perfect, whether you are boating, observing wildlife, or providing security for your home. You may notice the following when you are looking through a 1st Gen. unit. A slight high-pitched whine when the unit is on. The image you see may be slightly blurry around the edges. This is known as Geometric Distortion. When you turn a 1st Gen. unit off it may glow green for some time. These are inherent characteristics of a 1st Gen. unit and are normal.

Technical Specifications

IIT Generation Gen1+
Resolution 40 lp/mm
Magnification 4x
Battery Life 40 Hrs
Exit Pupil Diameter, mm 8
Windage and Elevation Adjustment, deg 3/4 MOA
Lens System F1.4, F90 mm
FOV 12°
Range of Focus 10 to infinity
Diopter Adjustment -5 to +5
Controls Direct
Infrared Illuminator Detachable IR810
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Power Supply 1x CR123A (3V)
Environmental Rating Water-Resistant
Operating Temperature -40 to +50 °C
Dimensions 323 x 115 x 98 / 12.7 x 4.5 x 3.8 (mm/in)
Weight 1.45 / 3.2 (kg/lbs)
Warranty 2 Years

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Questions on Armasight WWZ 4x GEN 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope with IR Illuminator

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  • From Qais at 5/17/14 11:56 PM

    • Q: Hello sir I want to buy this scope before buying this scope I want to no that the scope work in total darkness because I want to hunt rabbit & hogs can this will best for me. Thanks sir

    • A: Hello, yes this scope works in total darkness. I would however recommend using the IR that comes with the unit in order to receive the best performance possible.

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  • From Jeff at 12/26/14 8:02 PM

    • Q: I am looking for a nv scope for my .308. Does this scope come with the mount? Do you also have a scope that has infrared as well as nv?

    • A: Hi Jeff. There are not scopes that have both night vision and thermal. If you buy a thermal scope, you probably do not need night vision because a thermal scope can be sued both during the day and at night. This particular scope has a weaver mount built in and is a pure night vision scope with Gen 1 technology which is a good choice for close range hunting.

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  • From Peter doseck at 12/27/14 10:19 AM

    • Q: How far does it go need 100-200 yd

    • A: Hi Peter. Thank you for your question. If you need that range on your night vision riflescope, you need to at least go with the Armasight Vampire scope which sells in $650 range. That is the best value for that distance requirement. If you can afford to get into the $1200 price range, we can suggest some other options. Please let us know.

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  • From Jon at 12/28/14 11:28 PM

    • Q: Do the crosshairs illuminate while the optic is turned off?

    • A: Hi Jon. Generally no, however, as is the case with most Gen 1 devices, they continue to "glow" for a short period of time even after the unit is turned off.

    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From Randy Avery at 12/29/14 4:17 PM

    • Q: I am looking to hunt hogs and predators at night with ranges from 25yd-150yd and your product seems to fill that need. My concern is the recoil from my 30-06 or 308 and the scope hitting me or "ringing" my eye. What is your experience when dealing with this or is it a non issue?

    • A: Hi Randy. 150 yards is not realistic with this scope. I would suggest looking at Armasight Vampire 3x. Recoil will not be an issue for that scope.

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