Hawke NV1000 5X40 Digital Night Vision Monocular Camera

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Hawke NV1000 5X40 Digital Night Vision Monocular Camera NV1000

Model no: NV1000

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List Price $269.99


  • Video recording

  • Digital night vision

  • Video output

  • 5x Magnification

  • Low price

  • Weaver rail for additional IR Illuminator

Hawke NV1000 5X40 Digital Night Vision Monocular Camera Description

From HAWKE about NV1000 5X Digital Night Vision Monocular

The Hawke Digital NV Monocular can be used for observation in complete darkness or low light conditions. The digital night vision camera monocular can be used to take photos or capture video during the day or at night. It features a fixed 5x optical zoom and up to 8x digital zoom.

The Digital NV monocular is the perfect optical device to enhance your vision at night. A built-in illuminated provides additional light when in darker conditions. The infrared strength can be adjusted to suit your situation.

Up to 1.5 hours runtime without the use of infrared illuminator or up to 1 hour with IR illuminator on.

With quick and easy transfer of data via a USB lead. View images and video on a monitor with VIDEO OUT and recharge the battery using the DC IN socket.

The Hawke digital night vision monocular camera features a threaded tripod mount and weaver rail for securing to a tripod and connecting an additional IR illuminator.

Supplied with: video cable, USB cable, power adaptor, carry case, lens cloth, 2x batteries, hand strap and instruction manual.


From Night Vision Guys about NV1000 5x Digital Night Vision Monocular with Video Recording


HAWKE has long been a leader in mid level optics manufacturing.  From their scopes to binoculars HAWKE produces great products which often deliver functionality not available anywhere else on the market.  Hawke NV1000 5x Digital Night Vision Monocular is no different.  There is no other device on the market which offers same features not only for this price but at all.


With this fantastic device not only are you able to observe objects in darkness, but you can also record what you see to the internal SD card.  On top of that Hawke NV1000 offers video output so you can connect it to a portable or stationary DVR or display.  This 5x digital nv monocular allows for visibility up to 200 meters is severe darkness. Naturally this does not mean that you can recognize a person at that range, however it does mean observing larger animals, structures and landscape outline at that distance.


The bottom line is that this Hawke night vision digital camera delivers the benefits of digital night vision (lack fo light sensitivity, ability to use it day or night) in a compact and very capable, ergonomic body at an amazingly low price.  We strongly recommend this as a starter night vision unit.  This device is great to keep in the car, for safety in your home, etc.  


Some facts about video and phot recording with NV1000:

The Hawke NV1000 has a capacity of 3.65 Gb. Photos on average use 0.6 Mb/image A 10min video uses approx. 500 Mb.

Videos will be taken in a max of 10min long shots. Video will continue to record another straight away after, but a 2-3 second gap in recording will be lost

Technical Specifications

  • Magnification: 5 X
  • Lens Diameter: 40mm
  • Range (low light): 2m - ∞
  • Range (dark): 2m - 200m
  • Field of View: 5º - 3.75º   
  • Dimensions: 7.87” x 3.79” x 2.2” | 200mm x 86mm x 56mm [Length / Width / Height]
  • Weight (without batteries):14 oz | 400g
  • Power Supply: 1 x 3.7V RCR123A Battery
  • Infrared Illuminator, built-in: Yes


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  • From Jeffrey Kellogg at 4/12/16 6:39 PM

    • Q: Can you use an iPhone or iPad as a monitor with the "video out" function?

    • A: Hi Jeffrey. The video output feature on this night vision monocular is achieved via A/V cable. The only way you can display this image on a mobile device is via some sort of adapter that allows video input and turns your phone into an lcd display. I am not aware of such a device, but if you find one, you can use it. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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