Armasight Sirius-ID Gen 2+ MG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

Armasight Sirius-ID Gen 2+ MG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular NSMSIRIUS12MDI1


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Armasight Sirius-ID Gen 2+ MG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

Waterproof body with compact and rugged design and built in infrared illuminator and flood lens;

Weapon and head or helmet mountable for hands free usage;

Auto brightness control and bright light cut off system;

Ergonomic simple and easy to operate controls;

Adaptable for use with cameras

Armasight Sirius-ID Gen 2+ MG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular Description

The Armasight Sirius is a highly functional night vision monocular with many facets to its style, unlike so many other monoculars on the market the Armasight Sirius offers both extreme functionality and a lightweight but durable package. Finding a monocular that can give you this kind of functionality while staying light enough to be carried long term and durable enough that you can rely on it no matter what kinds of tactical situations you find yourself in can be a real challenge. The Armasight Sirius is a great choice for both the amateur hunter or explorer looking for a user friendly piece of technology that he can rely on all night long as well as Military personnel and Law Enforcement professionals who need a night vision device that will serve their needs effectively and efficiently every time.

This model is also adaptable to work with a camera for those that need the added benefits of still imagery, or a camcorder if you are looking at setting up some kind of night time surveillance. This, again, makes the Armasight Sirius a great choice in night vision technology for everyone from amateurs to professionals.

Additionally, while it offers a low cost price point, the Armasight Sirius you are looking at offers manual gain control, so you can easily gain and lose on your target by hand. This is a great choice for both advanced night vision users as well as new learners who are interested in a tool with some added functionality that will come in handy on the field.

It also offers an infra red illuminator for extremely dark and close quarter situations.

The model you are looking at is the Armasight Sirius Improved Definition Manual Gain Night Vision Monocular. It has a Generation 2+ 47-54lp/mm resolutions and a magnification of 1x.

The entire device weighs 1.4 pounds.

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Technical Specifications

Armasight Sirius ID Night Vision Monocular Specifications

IIT Generation Gen 2+ ID MG
Resolution 47-54 lp/mm
Magnification 1x standard, 3x, 5x, 8x optional
Multi-Purpose System Yes
Photocathode Type Multi-Alkali
Lens System F1.2, 24 mm
FOV 40°
Range of Focus 0.25 m to infinity
Diopter Adjustment -5, +5 dpt
Controls Direct
Bright Light Cut-off Yes
Automatic Shut-off System Yes
Infrared Illuminator Yes (built in with flood lens)
IR Indicator Yes (in FOV)
Low Battery Indicator Yes (in FOV)
Power Supply 1x 3 V lithium, or 1x AA Alkaline
Battery Life 60 hrs
Environmental Rating Water resistant
Operating Temperature -51 to +49 °C
Storage Temperature -50 to +60 °C
Dimensions 157 x 60 x 75 mm / 6.2 x 2.4 x 2.9 in
Weight 0.46 kg / 1.0 lbs
Warranty 2 Years

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Questions on Armasight Sirius-ID Gen 2+ MG Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular

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  • From cyril at 10/21/15 3:39 PM
  • From Adam at 4/24/17 4:22 PM

    • Q: What caliber is this scope rated to for recoil?


    • A: Hi Adam.

      Armasight Sirius is a night vision monocular and as such it was mainly designed for handheld or headmount use. It does not have a reticle of its own. However, you can co-sight Sirius with a reflex sight for example and in that case it can handle a .308.

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