ATN IR450-B1 Illuminator

Model no: ACMUIR45B1

Not exportable outside of the USA. See Export Policy


Not exportable outside of the USA. See Export Policy

This ATN IR illuminator is designed for the following ATN night vision devices:

  • ATN MO4-1
  • ATN MO4-2
  • ATN MO4-3
  • ATN MO4-3A
  • ATN MO4-3P
  • ATN MO4-4
  • ATN Night Scout

ATN IR450-B1 Illuminator description

Provides 2-3 times visible distance extention. You can quickly and easily attach this illuminator to your night vision device to increase performance and to operate your night vision device in zero light.

Questions on ATN IR450-B1 Illuminator

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Q: Can the ATN B! style illuminator be rebuilt? ATN does NOT repair them. I have indicator lights, but no LED illumination. Seems like a relatively "simple" fix... but.. who does it?

A: Hi Matt. There are not any "proper ATN supported" shops. If you can figure out how to take it apart, you may be able to replace the LED provided you know the right model of the LED.

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