Firefield 12 Gauge Laser Bore Sight

Firefield 12 Gauge Laser Bore Sight FF39007

Model no: FF39007

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List Price $24.99


Precision Sighting & Zeroing Tool


Heavy Duty & Dependable

Reduce Wasted Cartridges and Shells

Compact for Easy Storage & Handling

Lightweight Aluminum Construction

Firefield 12 Gauge Laser Bore Sight Description

The Firefield 12 Gauge Laser Bore Sight is a heavy duty and accurate unit with the fastest gun zeroing and sighting system, perfect for hunting or target shooting. The laser bore sight attaches easily to the shotgun to begin shooting in minutes. It's a compact and lightweight boresight for easy storage and handling. Once placed in the chamber of the firearm, the red laser dot appears exactly where the barrel is pointed, allowing the weapon sights to be adjusted to the theoretical impact point.


Some Quick Facts about Laser Boresights like Firefield 12 Gauge Laser Bore Sight:

There is often a misconception that laser bore sights are designed to deliver precise sighting to your optics.  That is not the case.  Not even the most advanced boresighters can guarantee 100% accuracy.  The only way to be sure that your scope is zeroed in is to use live ammo.  Same ammo you will be using on regular bases.  The real benefit of a bore sight like Firefield 12 Gauge Laser Bore Sight is the 95% of the sighting process.  You can save all that ammo which it would take to get the scope to near zero and then use a couple of live rounds to finalize the process.  Bottom line is that if you are a shooter who is serious about the weapons and the optics, laser boresighters simply make sense as a cheap and quick way to sight in your optics. 

Another great use for boresighters is when you are on a hunt and for example drop your weapon.  If you have been in this situation, you know that there is always a thought in your head that your scope may have lost its zero.  Having a boresight in your tool kit, would allow you to quickly verify with 95% accuracy that your scope is still sighted in without making any noise and scaring off your potential target.

At Night Vision Guys we sell many types of bore sights from many manufacturers and they are not all in stock as all times.  If timely delivery is important to you, please verify with our sales team that the product of interest in available for immidiate shipping.    

Technical Specifications

Laser Wavelength - 632-650

Output Power, mW - <5

Battery Type - 2x AG13 or equivalent

Battery life, hours - 1

Range For Sighting, yd - 15-100

Dot Size, in. 100yds - 2

Operation - on/off end cap

Construction - aluminum

Operating Temperature - 15 to 120F

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