Armasight Nemesis4x-ID Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope 4x Magnification

Armasight Nemesis4x-ID Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope 4x Magnification NRWNEMESI42GDI1


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List Price $1,865.00


Powerful 4x magnification with 10 degree FOV and shock protected optics
Features bright source protection and auto brightness control and illuminated center red cross reticle for optimal contrast with variable reticle brightness
Waterproof body with simple and easy to operate controls and adjustments
Mounts to standard weaver rail Detachable IR810 infrared illuminator
Limited two year warranty

Armasight Nemesis4x-ID Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope 4x Magnification Description

The Armasight Nemesis 4x Improved Definition Generation 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope is a great medium range scope. Why medium range? Because with a 4x magnification added to its already superb night vision capabilities make this a perfect choice for the night vision field user that needs a strong medium range magnification while still gaining the Improved Definition that comes built in with this version of the popular Armasight Nemesis.

The Armasight Nemesis has developed a strong reputation amongst professionals and amateur night vision enthusiasts alike because of its strong durability and its incredible performance. If you need a riflescope that can provide you with the perfect amount of magnification for target acquisition or hunting, the Armasight Nemesis is the perfect choice. It is a fairly simple device to familiarize yourself with and won’t overcomplicate your operation. As you already know, streamlined simplicity is paramount to good field tactics as you do not want to be thinking about anything more than the mission at hand.


Technical specifications of this particular model include a 4x magnification, a Field of View of 10 degrees, a Focus Range of 25m to infinity, a weight of 2.7 pounds, a red cross reticle, and a weaver mount. The Armasight Nemesis is waterproof. It also includes an infra red illuminator.

The Armasight Nemesis also has bright light protection, this will protect the actual lens from damage should bright light appear out of nowhere. This is an important technology to have employed within your night vision device so that you can rely on your riflescope even if the situation suddenly brightens without you expecting it.

This Armasight Nemesis is a great choice for riflescope, offering tremendous tactical flexibility in a small package; it is a durable and rugged device that you can rely on.


Armasight Nemesis 4X ID night vision riflescope ships with these accessories:


  • Instruction Manual with Warranty Card
  • XLR-IR850 Detachable Long Range Infrared illuminator/ 1x CR123A 3V
  • Lens Cap
  • Lens Tissue
  • One Lithium Battery CR123A
  • Packing Box
  • Soft carrying Case


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Technical Specifications

IIT Generation Gen 2+
Resolution 47-54 lp/mm
Magnification 4x
Photocathode Type Multi-Alkali
Exit Pupil Diameter, mm 10
Eye Relief, mm 46
Windage and Elevation Adjustment, deg 1/2 MOA
Lens System F1.5, F108 mm
FOV 10°
Range of Focus 25 to infinity
Diopter Adjustment -6 to +2 dpt
Controls Digital
Automatic Brightness Control Yes
Battery Life 60 hours
Infrared Illuminator Detachable IR
Low Battery Indicator Yes (in FOV)
Power Supply 1 x 3 V CR123A type battery
Environmental Rating Water Resistant
Operating Temperature -40 to +50 °C
Storage Temperature -50 to +70 °C
Dimensions 305 x 102 x 71 / 12 x 4 x 2.8 (LxWxH; mm/in)
Weight 1.2 / 2.7 (kg/lbs)
Warranty 2 Years

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Questions on Armasight Nemesis4x-ID Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope 4x Magnification

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  • From gary davis at 1/4/16 4:19 PM

    • Q: can this scope be safely used on shotguns with out damage to scope. thankyou

    • A: Hi Gary. Can you be specific about the gun and load that you use? It is rated for .308 but as you know much depends on a specific weapon. Give us more details so we can give you a better answer.

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  • From Cutch at 4/17/16 7:30 AM

    • Q: I have looked through the field manual for this product and can't seem to find my answer. It says that you can verify operation during daylight by turning the unit on while having the lens cap properly secured. Am I to understand that this optic device can be used in daylight operation so long as one doesn't "activate the device in daylight unless the protective lens cover is fitted securely over the objective lens."

      I know that it has a backup flip up sights for other operation. I was wondering if you can use the optic system as a sight during daylight. Thank you for your help in advance.


    • A: Hi Cutch. This night vision scope cannot be used during the daylight. The process you described is meant for a short (10-15 min) use to sight in the scope. Even that we would suggest only doing either in early dawn or early evening when there is minimal sunlight. If you are in the market for a scope you can use at daytime as well, you would have to consider either digital night vision scopes or thermal. We can help to pick the best product for your needs if you wish to speak to one of our experts. Let us know and thanks for the question!

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  • From Blake at 3/20/18 3:07 PM

    • Q: Is the the quick silver model or black and green

    • A: Hi Blake.

      This particular one is a mid range Gen 2 green tube. We carry the quick silver as well as the ghost which is a Gen 3 version of quick silver.

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