An ITT Night Enforcer NEPVS-14 Pinnacle Night Vision Monocular

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ITT PINNACLE Image Intensifier Tube - Thin-Filmed/Auto-Gated.
High resolution 64 lp/mm (Typ), high gain, and high photoresponse in visible and near infrared.
Variable Gain Control for enhanced performance in altering light conditions.
Multifunctional: Hand-held, head-mounted, helmet-mounted, and weapons mounted.
Camera and video adaptable.
Manufactured in an ISO 9001.2000 Certified facility.

An ITT Night Enforcer NEPVS-14 Pinnacle Night Vision Monocular Description

ITT Night Vision’s Night Enforcer NEPVS-14 Pinnacle Night Vision Monocular is a multi-functional, single battery, lightweight device. Even more importantly, it features the newest in intensifier technology with a thin filmed PINNACLE image intensifier tube for maximized clarity in the field.

One of the best advantages of the Night Enforcer NEPVS-14 Pinnacle Night Vision Monocular is its extreme versatility. It has been specifically designed for demanding situations, making this a perfect choice for anyone that wants a night vision monocular that can take a lot of serious abuse. The ITT PVS 14 Night Enforcer can be used as a handheld device, it can be head mounted to a helmet, it can be weapon mounted, and can even be connected to a camera or video camera (with the use of a camera adapter). This is what makes the Night Enforcer NEPVS-14 such a popular choice amongst serious users and law enforcement agencies; regardless of your specific needs the Night Enforcer won’t let you down.

The ITT Night Vision’s Night Enforcer NEPVS-14 Pinnacle Night Vision Monocular kit includes a head mount assembly for hands-free use, a brow pad for additional comfort and fitting of the head mount, an eye cup for ocular safety and to reduce reflection, a soft carrying case, a shoulder strap, a lens paper, a day light filter, a diopter lens cap, a sacrificial window, demist shield that snaps on to the eyepiece to reduce condensation build up on the lens. The kit also comes with two AA batteries, even though the monocular only needs one (you will have a backup battery).

As with all our Night Vision and Thermal Imaging devices, Night Vision Guys offers free shipping and free gifts with purchase of FLIR thermal units. The high quality of these devices guarantees that they will meet your expectations and serve you well. Buying these units from guarantees quick handling as well as excellent service and price.

Gen 3P Night Vision

 Please note that most high end night vision devices are built per order.  It may take 3-5 days or more for your order to ship.  If timely shipping is important to you, please, contact us to verify availability prior to ordering.

Our Night Vision units with the 3P designation use ITT Pinnacle™ Image Intensifier tubes. The industry leading ITT Pinnacle™ image tubes utilize a gated power supply providing truly outstanding performance in high-light or light-polluted areas, such as urban environments. The Pinnacle™ tube with gated power supply minimizes any “halo” effects. “Halo” is often associated with using night vision devices in an urban area where random street lights are often an issue with early Generation Night Vision devices. Night Vision units with Pinnacle™ tubes have a resolution of 57-64lp/mm and a typical signal to noise ratio between 16.2 and 25 . All Night Vision devices utilizing Pinnacle™ Image Intensifier tubes come with ITT data record sheet. Units with Pinnacle™ tubes are not available for export. A signed export compliance and end use statement is required prior to shipping of these units.  As with all night vision tubes, each one coming off the production best has different parameters.  We can help you with picking the parameters which will fit your needs and the price of the device will depend on the quality of the tube you select.

3P Gen. ITT Pinnacle™ IIT Features:

• Photo Cathode type: Gallium Arsenide
• Resolution from 57 to 64 lp/mm
• Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 16.2-25 
• 10,000-hour tube life

* Pinnacle is a registered trademark of ITT Night Vision

Delivery Time and Manufacturing Process for An ITT Night Enforcer NEPVS-14 Pinnacle Night Vision Monocular:

Most of our manufacturers do not keep products like An ITT Night Enforcer NEPVS-14 Pinnacle Night Vision Monocular assembled on the shelf. Night Vision tubes are kept separate from the body of the unit. When the order is placed, the manufacturer starts the order processing and assembly process which includes the following:

  • Order processing - we collect all the necessary information including address and phone numbers. We also make sure that our customer ordered the correct product for their needs and that the product can be exported by US law to the country of destination. In some cases a signed export compliance form is required.
  • QC - in this step the manufacturer will inspect all individual parts which will be used to assemble the night vision device for any defects.
  • Production & Assembly - during production, all the parts are put together. Night Vision tubes in inserted into the body of the unit and all the complex electronics for the device are connected. This process takes place in a special lab called the "clean room" as even a small speckle of dust can cause undesired optical effect.
  • QA - one the night vision device is assembled, it goes through a rigorous testing process to make sure it meets all the expected specifications and all parts function as expected. For this most manufacturers have a special "dark room" designed to allow testing of the units without causing incidental damage to the night vision tube by exposure to bright light.
  • Packaging - this is a key process as well. In most case your night vision device will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer but sometimes needs to be sent to us first. In either case items need to be packaged securely to avoid any kind of damage during transportation.
  • Shipping - as described above items will most of the time ship from the manufacturer. For most domestic orders (unless shipping to POB or AFB) a premium shipper like FedEx or UPS will be used.

Only by following the above steps can we along with our manufacturers bring you - our customer - night vision products of highest quality, However as you can understand the above process can take several days to complete. For example if your device fails QA, the entire process restarts. Also at QC stage a manufacturer may realize that the tube they have in stock has a defect and a replacement tube needs to be ordered. Due to the complexity of this process, it is prudent to expect 3-4 business days for production and handling of the purchased device. Keep in mind that this process is designed to guarantee your satisfaction with the night vision device of your choice.  It occasionally possible to expedite the process for urgent orders but addional fees or other restrictions may apply.

Technical Specifications

Generation: 3 U.S. (ITT PINNACLE)
64 lp/mm (Typ)64 lp/mm (Typ)
Brightness Gain:Adjustable from 25 to more than 3000 fL/fL
Field of View:40
Objective Lens:f/1.2
Eyepiece Lens:EFL 26 mm
Diopter Adjustment:+4 to -6
Range of Focus: 25cm to infinity
Voltage Required:1.5 Volts
Battery Type:One (1) AA size
Battery Life:Approx. 50 hrs at room temp
Weight:12.4 oz (351.53 grams)
Dimensions:4.5 (L) x 2 (W) x 2.25 (H)
Operating Temperature:-51C to +49 C
Storage Temperature:-51C to +49 C
System Warranty:Three (3) years
Intensifier Tube Warranty:Five (5) years

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  • From Floyd Hale at 1/4/17 10:15 AM

    • Q: Is this item rated for use mounted on short-barreled rifles shooting 300 Blackout subsonic, and for 300 Blackout supersonic? Thanks!

    • A: Hi Floyd,

      just to understand your setup correctly, are you planning to co-sight this unit with a holographic sight? Are you planning to mount on the weapon or on the daytime optic?

    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No

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