Ever since night vision scopes have been invented, it was obvious that there is one major inconvenience with these devices - the need to re-zero them every time the scope is switched with the day s

These optical devices are built specifically to co-sight with another optical device like a daytime riflescope, spotting scope, binocular, etc. By attaching a night vision clip on, you are turning your day time optics device into a night vision capable optic. It is important to note that most night vision clip-ons on the market work best with day time optics operating in 0-4x magnification range. If you need more than that, please contact our sales staff for specific recommendations.

Night vision clip-ons can be mounted in several ways. Depending on the type of day time device and equipment setup, you can mount directly onto the scope or on a rail in front of the day scope. This flexibility is great for guns without a weaver rail and non-weapon mount daytime optics. Currently on the market there are several models to satisfy any customer. Some of the most popular and affordable ones are CO-MR, CO-X, CO-LR and CO-Mini from Armasight as well as PS28 from ATN. More expensive Mil-Spec night vision clip-ons are available from NV Depot and FLIR.

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  • SPA Long Range Night Vision Clip-on Sight


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