Best Night Vision Rifle Scopes for AR15 and other Tactical Rifles

One of the most common questions we get asked by our customers is to suggest the best night vision riflescope for their tactical rifle setup.  The answer to this question is not simple.  There are many factors involved in this decision.  On this page we will outline several options and point out their strengths and weaknesses. Then you decide.  No matter which tactical scope you decide to buy for your AR15 type rifle, rest asured that you will receive the best possible service and lowest possible price when shopping with the Night Vision Guys.


Best Night Vision Rifle Scope for AR15 Under $600

If your budget for a night vision scope is limitted, you will have to live with a first generation night vision device.  This means that your target range will be no more than 75 yards.  If this is acceptable, then you have some attractive options...


Photon RT 4.5-9x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope - this scope gives you 5x maginification at under $600 with both day and night vision capability.   

ATN X-Sight II 3-14X Smart HD Digital Night Vision Riflescope - this gen 1 scope has 3x magnification and is great for close range shooting.  The price is great as well.


Armasight Orion Night Vision Scope for AR15



All of the above night vision scopes will work very well on a tactical rifle such as AR15.


Best Night Vision Rifle Scope for a Tactical Rifle Under $1000

By stepping up closer to $1000 you add a couple of nice scopes to your options.  Armasight Orion 5x described in the previous section is still a great choice.  But here are some more expensive scopes:


Armasight Vampire 3X with CORE technology - this Gen 1 night vision riflescope uses CORe technology which gives it the resolution of a Gen 3 scope.  It will not give you the brightness of a Gen 3, but it definitly the best option in its price range.

ATN X-Sight 5X Digital Night Vision Riflescope - this is the most advanced digital riflescope.  ATN was working on these for several years.  Finally now in 2016 we have a very solid and reliable product.  ATN keeps releasing firmware updates for these scopes which helps in keeping them current in terms of technological capabilities.

ATN X-Sight-4k 3-14x Pro Smart Day and Night Vision Hunting Rifle Scope -  The latest addition to the X-Sight family, 4K models introduce a new format as well as superior processing and batery life.

Bottom line: unless you can spend another couple of hundred to get into a Gen 2 or high end digital scope for your AR15, Sighmark Photon and ATN X-Sight lines provide the best value for the money.  For the money you save, you can pick up a monocular like Armasight Spark to use as a spotter so you don't get your hands tired by looking through the rifle scope.


Best Night Vision Rifle Scope for AR15 type Rifle Under $2000


Once you go over the $1000 mark you have a lot of options.  The main choice to make here, is the choice of technology.  You need to decide between digital night vision an the old fashioned analog night vision tube.  

Digital night vision devices use sensor arrays to process and enhance images.  This techology is similar to the one used in video cameras.  The benefit of this technology is that these devices are not damaged by daylight and they also have the added benefit of having the image digitaized.  This last point makes it possible to have a video output connector or even an internal sd card recorder to memorialize your hunting victories.  On the other hand, good old Gen 2 night vision tubes still deliver exellent and often superior to digital results.  Especially if you step up to advanced second generation.  Here are some of your choices:


ATN Night Arrow 4-2 - this is the cheapest gen 2 night vision scope on the market.  Solid performer if you are hunting for larger animals within 130 yard range.

If you need a little more magnification, you should look at this great scope:

Armasight Nemesis 6x Improved Definition Gen 2+ - this scope will give you range of 150 yards and is equally perfect for hogs and rats.


In the digital space, you have a couple of popular choices as well:

Pulsar Digisight N960 LRF Digital Night Vision Riflescope - Pulsar has long been making superior digital night vision scopes.  Digisight N960 is a great long range scope with daytime and night vision capability.

Armasight Predator 336 2-8x25 60HZ Thermal Riflescope - Another option to consider.  This thermal scope will cost you same as a mid range night vision device, but will provide the capabilities of thermal imaging.  

Elcan DigitalHunter Rifle Scope



Best Thermal and Night Vision Rifle Scopes for AR15 if Price is NOT an Issue


If price is not too much of a concern, there are amazing devices available for a tactical rifle like AR15.  Once again you have a choice to make in terms of technology. You can stick to night vision and get a high end scope in under $5000 or get into the Thermal Imaging technology. 


Best Night Vision Scopes for AR15


ATN Ares 6x Gen 4 and Ares 4x Gen 3P  - ATN line of ARES scopes in 4x and 6x magnification.


Armasight Vulcan 4.5X Gen 3P Pinnacle MG Night Vision Rifle Scope - top of the line Armasight night vision hunting scope


NV Depot NVD-790 Gen 3 Pinnacle Gated Night Vision Sight 6X White Phosphor Tube - NV Devices makes devices with some of the best night vision tubes on the market.  This model combines trusted body produced by Night Optics USA with a high quality Gen 3 Pinnacle White Phosphor tube.


Armasight Vulcan 3x


Best Thermal Imaging Scopes for AR15

FLIR Thermosight Pro 1.5-6x19 60Hz Thermal Weapon Sight with Boson 320x256 - sporting the new Boson core, this Thermosight Pro entry level model delivers superb results at a very low price.

ATN ThOR 4 384 4.5-18X50 Smart HD Thermal Riflescope - the new 4K THOR thermal scopes from ATN are very well built and offer top of the line features available in the market.

Pulsar Trail XP50 Thermal Riflescope 1.6-12.8X50 - the best Pulsar scope on the market is very popular and gives you everything you needto keep those hogs under control.


ATN THor Thermal Rifle Scope



Other Attractive Options Night Vision and Thermal Sighting Options for Tactical Rifles like AR15


Some other alternatives for use on AR15 are thermal clip-on devices like FLIR T75.  You can also consider other clip-on options in the night vision space.   These devices allow you to use your daytime scope and switch to night vision / thermal capability without re-zeroing.


FLIr T70 Thermal Clipon

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