Night Vision Monoculars are handheld devices with capability to amplify light. These digital and analog night vision optical instruments are the most popular type of night vision device on the market. Night vision monoculars gained their popularity due to compact size, adoptability to many applications and wide use in the military and law enforcement environments. As is the case with most night vision equipment, night vision monoculars vary widely in terms of their specifications and capabilities. From basic Gen 1 monoculars to high end mil-spec Gen 3 multi-purpose NVMS. At Night Vision Guys we offer our customers full array of night vision monoculars from all top manufacturers in the space. ATN, Armasight, Night Vision Depot, Firefield, Sightmark, Pulsar, Bering Optical, Night Owl, ITT are just some of the brands we carry. If you are in the market for a night vision monocular, look no further. Feel free to contact our sales team at with any technical or pricing questions as well as to verify inventory.

It is important to note that there are some standard night vision monocular configurations. The most popular of them being AN/PVS14. This format was developed for the US military and is a defacto standard for the field. However, many manufacturers overtime developed their own designs to compete with PVS14. Some examples are ATN NVM14, Armasight NYX14 and N-14. These devices offer the same multi-purpose capabilities, but at a lesser price. Even optional accessories for these proprietary models are cheaper. However, if you are set on PVS14, we carry the widest selection of these nv monoculars in the industry.

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    Price $499.00

  • Sightmark Eclipse 2x24 Night Vision Monocular

    Price $179.97

  • Sightmark Eclipse 4x50 Night Vision Monocular

    Price $199.97

  • Firefield Yukon Nightfall 4x50 night vision monocular

    Price $159.97

  • Sightmark Ghost Hunter Gen 1 4x50 Night Vision Monocular

    Price $239.97

  • Sightmark Ghost Hunter 5X60 Night Vision Monocular

    Price $279.97

  • Bering Optical Wake2 2.5x40 Gen I Compact Night Vision Monocular

    Price $169.00

  • Bering Optical Polaris 2.5x40 Gen I Wide Angle Night Vision Monocular

    Price $174.00

  • Armasight Spark Multi-purpose night vision monocular CORE Technology Ceramic

    Price $499.00


    Price $299.00

  • An ITT Night Enforcer NEPVS-14 Pinnacle Night Vision Monocular

    Price $3,495.00

  • Yukon Firefield Nightfall Digital Night Vision 3.5x42 Monocular

    Price $149.97

  • ATN NVM14-2 Night Vision Monocular

    Price $1,610.00

  • ATN NVM14-3 Night Vision Monocular

    Price $2,746.00

  • ATN PVS14-3 Night Vision Monocular

    Price $3,130.00

  • ATN NVM14-3P Night Vision Monocular

    Price $3,522.00

  • ATN NVM14-WPT Night Vision Monocular

    Price $1,946.00

  • ATN NVM14-4 Night Vision Monocular

    Price $4,409.00

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